SE50235/2013 L
Merry Cocktails Xenon
S41038/2009 SR
Merry Cocktails Charity
S51572/2007 L
Merry Cocktails One And Only
S41714/2006 R  
Merry Cocktails Kind Regard
SE15363/2010 LR
West Side Story's Uptown Girl
S15639/2007 LR
Bolton's Mocha Martini
West Side Story's Nicole Richie
SE30796/2012 S
Winline's Edge Of Glory
S18669/2009 R
Winline's Quickstep
S41275/2004 R
Paisley's Dreammaker
S62379/2006 S
Winline's Covergirl
S42565/2009 S
Winline's Win A'Lot
S28537/2007 S
Sofus Innovation
S54398/2005 R
Winline's The Winners Takes It All